On April 12th, 2021, Imperium Group announced that it will acquire both Lexington News and Omega Capital Advisory for an undisclosed amount. Omega Capital Advisory serves in 14 states and has worked with over 125 publicly traded NASDAQ and S&P 500 firms.  Imperium Group has frequently worked with senators, members of congress, SPACs, Hollywood stars, amongst others. Imperium Group was named a top pr firm in Dallas in January of 2021.

Shazir Mucklai, CEO of Imperium Group, “The growth in M&A, and SPACs increasingly face complex global changes that impact financial performance. Amidst the barrage of inputs, executives must deliver growth – and IROs must flawlessly communicate the narrative to get full value for strategy and performance. Whether it is an exciting transformational event or a difficult detour along the way, companies have one chance to get the story right. And even the best communicators are not 100% ready for all scenarios all of the time.”

Moreover, this is where Omega Capital Advisory chimes in – providing turnkey SPAC advisory IR services and empowering companies to make the most of every strategic communications opportunity that impacts your equity valuation.

Omega does this by providing a “fast track” advantage to help you cut through the noise and better navigate change that impacts various stakeholder narratives. By blending our deep capital markets expertise, decades of experience, and relentless focus on research, we help your organization better manage investor engagement over the long term.

About Omega Capital Advisory

Omega Capital Advisory is a leading investor relations firm focused on proxy advisory, financial PR, M&A Communications, conference call prep and earnings transcripts, and media exposure for small to mid cap publicly traded firms.

Shazir Mucklai will remain CEO of Imperium Group and will serve as the new CEO of Omega Capital Advisory.

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