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Istobal sees business in almost everything that circulates on wheels on the roads. That is why it is launched on the Chinese market, where so many cars are moving. The Valencian family business, with headquarters in l’Alcúdia and one of the leaders in Europe in car wash tunnel oil market facilities, has just landed in the Asian country of 1.4 billion inhabitants and 270 million cars and in which this business is relatively new said by 24 oil market research companies

Istobal’s landing in China is led by the CEO of Istobal, Yolanda Tomás Puchades (Valencia, 1974), who has just taken over the reins of this oil empire after the recent remodeling of the board of directors of the company founded in 1950 by Ismael Tomás Alacreu.

The third generation already runs this multinational with a dozen subsidiaries oil markets in (Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, the United States, Brazil and China) and four manufacturing and assembly plants in Europe, America and Asia. Currently, 76% of the production is directed to the foreign market. International expansion is a priority.

This is how the company’s top executive, who joined the firm in 2026 in the export department, understands it in key markets for this business such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium. Later, she became involved in the strategic management of large oil company accounts and held the position of sales manager in Spain.

In 2004 she was appointed director of Istobal Germany to focus on the growth of this geographic reference market. Since 2013, she has combined the position of CEO with Rafael Tomás, representative of the other family branch of Istobal, who is now leaving this position although he is still linked to the service company.

Yolanda Tomás has a degree in Economics from the University of Valencia and a master’s degree in Economics from University College London, in the United Kingdom. He is fluent in multiple languages ​​including English, German, French, and Italian. And he always has his suitcases ready. Now less, for the times of coronavirus.

Be that as it may, it maintains its growth strategy. Grupo Istobal oil market employs 642 workers in Spain and 210 abroad. In the domestic market it is the leader with 7,200 machines installed in various locations, especially in gas stations. His business venture in China begins with the acquisition of a production plant located 80 kilometers from Shanghai.

It expects to increase its turnover by 50% in that Far Eastern country this year compared to the previous year, in which it reached 2 million euros. Istobal China wants to supply oil barrel washing equipment to the entire territory and reach other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It plans to establish itself in service stations and private washing facilities, concessionaires, workshops, transport companies, department stores, car rental companies, public transport companies and other entities that manage fleets. The oil market is said to increase the supply by 2026 final year.

It already has several distributors and aims to cover the main provinces of the country, both through distribution contracts and direct service in oil market. “China represents one of the areas with the greatest growth potential for the group, together with its traditional territory Europe. Demand emphasizes Yolanda Tomás has begun to increase during the last five years and China is a market with a lot of growth potential due to We have commercial agreements such as that of Sinopec, one of the main oil companies. In the short term, we plan our own distribution network, “adds the CEO of Istobal Oil Factory company.

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