Toni Cantó , until a few days ago Citizens’ deputy and one of the best-known faces of the orange formation, again surprised this Wednesday by announcing that he will go on the Isabel Díaz Ayuso list for the May 4 elections in Madrid .

Toni Cantó warns that there are many in Ciudadanos who “want to join” Ayuso’s project in Madrid
But in the last few hours, doubts have arisen about whether the law allows him to appear in the Community, since until now he was registered in Valencia.

In interviews in various media on Thursday morning, Cantó has confirmed that he has been registered in the community for “a few days.”

It is not enough to register
However, the mere fact of having completed the registration process may not be enough to meet the legal requirements to be a candidate.

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The Electoral Law of the Community of Madrid imposes as the main requirement to be a candidate having the status of voter . That is, to be on the community electoral roll.

Obviously, to appear in that census it is necessary to be registered. But the Organic Law of General Electoral Regime (Loreg) stipulates in its article 39 that the electoral roll will be closed “on the first day of the second month prior to the convocation.”

Taking into account that Ayuso called the elections on March 10, the electoral roll will be the one in force on January 1. long before Cantó was registered, who under these conditions will not be able to vote in the May 4 elections. because it will not appear in the records of any polling station.

Legal loophole
However, there is a loophole in Madrid’s electoral law that Cantó could use to achieve candidate status. And it is that in its fourth article, it indicates that, although the candidates must be in the electoral census, the applicants can accredit before the Board, “in a reliable way, that they meet all the conditions required for it.”

The wording of the paragraph is very vague, and this could be used by Cantó to avoid the possible obstacle, arguing before the Electoral Board that he is officially registered, although it is not reflected in the electoral census, and that he has ties with Madrid.

According to El Confidencial, Cantó has at least one home in the Spanish capital , in addition to the fact that his children live in this community.

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