Puigdemont attacks the “sectors of the independence movement” who criticize him for his “exile”. He reproaches them for “trivializing” his work and “helping” to make credible the story of “the carefree and unsupportive fugitives”. Marta Rovira (ERC) defends a “shared leadership” and calls on the independence forces to “abandon reproaches”.

In the final stretch of the negotiations for the investiture of Pere Aragonès , the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont attacked “certain sectors of the independence movement ” this Thursday for having criticized his “exile” in Waterloo .

Laura Borràs reviews the Mossos at the gates of Parliament, after being sworn in as president.

Puigdemont, Borràs and their circumstances
In a Twitter thread , coinciding with the third anniversary of his arrest in Germany, Puigdemont disfigures those who, “also from certain sectors of the independence movement,” trivialize what it means to do politics from exile. ”

” They regret that we are not in jail “, he adds, and” they help to make credible the story that we are escapees who live carefree , comfortably and unsupportive with the suffering of our unjustly condemned comrades, “he added. That said, the ‘expresident’ points out that” it doesn’t matter. and calls for unity: “Now is the time for unity and trust.”

Puigdemont abounds in another tweet on the “mafia techniques” of that construction of the story that he denounces also practices “sectors of the independence movement”: “The construction of the story begins with a headline, then the Twitter threads come and the next day it is already the slogan to be replicated in the gatherings by the pawns they have placed. It works like that. They beat you until they bend you or bend you to your surroundings, “he writes.

Despite everything, Puigdemont claims to be “happy” with the “work done from exile.” And he expresses his appreciation to “so many nonpartisan people.” “Despite the limitations, misunderstandings and attacks, we have done a good job,” he says.

Consell per la República: this is how the Waterloo parallel command works.

On the ‘expresident’ and his Consell for the Republic, an element that stalls the negotiations between ERC and JxCat for the investiture and the formation of the Government, the ERC secretary general, Marta Rovira , has referred this Thursday , who has stressed that it An agreement on the role to be played by Puigdemont is necessary.

Rovira has indicated that it is necessary to see “what does Puigdemont have to contribute” and has defended building a “shared leadership” of the independence movement. “If not, we will not advance,” he said in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio. Rovira has called on the independence movement to “abandon reproaches” and to rebuild trust “with will and attitude.”

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