According to the Monitoring Commission Sabadell has started 86% of the actions included in the ‘Covid Plan’, Specifically, 813 of the 942 proposals have been started. 42.5% of the plan (401 measures) are already fully implemented. 3%, which translates into 31 initiatives, have been rejected or canceled for “various reasons”

Sabadell’s’ Covid Plan ‘monitoring commission met this week to learn about the status of the measures proposed in the document’ Sabadell Covid Plan. Measures to overcome the crisis’, approved last July 2020 and which includes about a thousand measures to face the crisis derived from the pandemic .

Thus, after analyzing the second monitoring report, which measures and assesses the degree of execution of the proposals until February 2021, the committee concludes that Sabadell has started 86.3% of the measures established by the Plan , which translates into 813 of the 942 proposals.

On the other hand, 42.5% of the Plan, 401 actions, have already been fully executed. Right now, according to the City Council, there are 98 proposals that have not yet begun (10%) while 31 (3%) have been rejected or canceled for “various reasons”. It will be in the June session when the economic data will also be updated, as was done last November.

Budget execution status
The development of the actions outlined in the plan has a global budget of 9.9 million euros . The initial estimate, approved in July 2020, was 7.9 million .

The growth of the necessary economic resources, explains the local government, is due to the greater provision of some essential services and to the purchase of protection material , both from the municipal staff and from groups that may need it (recreational centers, residences.

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