This is how Toni Cantó defends his signing for Ayuso: “There is a danger that sanchismo and Iglesias rule”. The politician has been “delighted” and “excited”, just a week after leaving the orange party.

Toni Cantó only needed a week to recover the illusion that politics made him lose. The exporter of Citizens in the Valencian Courts left the orange party last week and this has ‘signed’ by Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Now, Cantó is once again “excited” by the “opportunity” that the PP has given him to join the candidacy in the Community of Madrid as an independent, because he considers “essential to join forces” around the president, since “there are real danger that sanchismo and Iglesias rule ”.

This was stated in an interview on esRadio, where he confirmed that Díaz Ayuso and the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, contacted him this Wednesday “to probe him” and offer him to enter their lists, although it will not be until “today or tomorrow” when his position in the candidacy is “specified”.

“The offer of Isabel and Pablo was to be on the list”, has summarized a Cantó “delighted” and “excited” to “fight in the union of forces”, because it considers that, otherwise, the Community of Madrid “is in danger.”

The former leader of Cs has said that “it is necessary to remind all Madrilenians what socialism has said” these months about Madrid, relating it to ‘fiscal dumping’ and insisting that it is “absolutely necessary to raise taxes.”

Registered or not?
He sang, who until less than ten days ago was a spokesman in the Valencian Parliament, could not be part of Ayuso’s list if he does not appear in the census, according to Madrid’s electoral law.

According to article 2.2, in order to exercise the right to vote it is “essential to register in the current Electoral Census”, but article 4.2 adds that “those who aspire to be proclaimed candidates and are not included in the current Electoral Census lists, referring to the territory of the Community of Madrid, they may be so provided that with the application they certify in a reliable way that they meet all the conditions required to do so “.

With that last sentence so ambiguous, it could be understood that if there is a link with autonomy, for example, owning a home, as is the case, the candidacy could be accepted.

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