The United Kingdom studies asking for a vaccination card to enter pubs. The proposal has opened a bitter controversy and deputies consider that it is not compatible with “a free society”.

The British Government values ​​the possibility that British pubs can require customers to obtain a vaccination certificate in order to enter the premises, as admitted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson before a parliamentary commission. The BBC reports this Thursday that a government source admitted that the option of allowing citizens to show a negative result of a covid test in order to enjoy those premises is also being studied .

The possibility of resorting to this type of document was raised on Wednesday during a session held by the so-called parliamentary liaison commission, which is echoed by the national press today, at a time when restriction measures are beginning to relax.

According to the BBC, in the course of that meeting, Tory MP Steve Baker pointed out that this measure was a “ghastly trap” and unfairly penalized those who were recommended for any reason not to get vaccinated.

The controversy over the idea of ​​requiring pub patrons to certify that they have already been vaccinated arose when the also Conservative MP William Wragg asked Johnson if these documents were “compatible with a free society” such as Britain. Specifically, it was asked about the possibility that “normal citizens go to a pub”, to which the premier replied that it is the type of issue that the owner of each place may have to resolve “individually.”

Industry complaints
Kate Nicholls, CEO of the UKHospitality hospitality body , considered that it is “crucial that visiting the pub or other hospitality places does not undergo a mandatory vaccination certificate” while saying that the measure being studied by the Government is “simply impractical” and it will result “almost certainly in infractions to the equality norms”.

On the other hand, the deputies plan to vote Thursday on the new legislation to contain the coronavirus as part of the “road map” detailed by the Government to get out of confinement.

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